The University of Sydney’s Epic Diabetes Fraud, the biggest medical scandal in Australia’s history

In 2011, economist Rory Robertson noticed that superstar University of Sydney diet-and-health scientist Professor Jennie Brand-Miller AO had published an extraordinary faulty “peer reviewed” paper – The Australian Paradox: – with a nonsense-based false “finding”: Australian consumption of refined sugar (per person) suffered a “consistent and substantial” decline between 1980 and 2010, as obesity trebled. So sugar cannot be the problem, Brand-Miller falsely claimed.

Robertson formally disputed the “finding”, based as it is on misinterpreted and unreliable (including faked) data, with Brand-Miller and University management responding by dishonestly pretending there is no problem.

The infamous Australian Paradox sugar-and-obesity fraud was born. Here’s an ABC Investigation document that confirms some of the University of Sydney’s key problems, including that it is relying on a faulty ABS data series discontinued as unreliable after 1998-99, and then literally faked (just made up) by the FAO into the 2000s:

Year after year for more than a decade, Robertson has documented an ever-expanding Epic Diabetes Fraud at the University of Sydney, unearthing stunning misconduct that he describes as “the biggest medical scandal in Australia’s history”. There’s a Timeline on pp. 8-14 and a summary on pp. 17-19 of his formal Submission to Australia’s 2023-24 Parliamentary Inquiry into Diabetes:

Along the way, it turned out that not only is superstar Jennie Brand-Miller dishonest and distinguished but she’s also utterly corrupt. So too are several of her bosses, including Professor Stewart Truswell, Professor Stephen Simpson AC and current University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor Mark Scott AO. And don’t get me started on pharmaceutical-company “owned” shonk Professor Stephen Colagiuri:

Together these “Big Four” inept and dishonest sci-careerists and their dodgy University of Sydney senior management grew, over the decades, into an extraordinarily influential menace to public health.

Truswell, for example, was the main scientific author of Canberra’s highly influential Australian Dietary Guidelines for several decades from the early 1980s, while Colagiuri was the main scientific author of Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2020.

The faulty and harmful dietary advice promoted by the University of Sydney’s dishonest, aging diet-sci cabal today continues to fuel type 2 diabetes, misery and early death for over two million Australians, especially Indigenous Australians.

The University of Sydney’s heavy-hitters – who are supposed to be fixing not causing type 2 diabetes – refuse to acknowledge that their sugary high-carbohydrate diet advice – whether “Low GI” (Brand-Miller and Stephen Colagiuri), “low protein” (Stephen Simpson) or “low fat” (Stewart Truswell) is a recipe for type 2 diabetes in many Australians, caused as it is by the excessive intake of sugar and (other) carbohydrate, as has been known at the highest levels of medical science and by competent GPs for over a century: pp. 3-6 of 16 in

Why has the University refused to acknowledge the core role of excess intake of sugar and (other) carbohydrate in Australia’s growing diabetes epidemic? I do not know. But it was shocking for me to discover early in 2023 that the University’s Human Nutrition Unit (now the Charles Perkins Centre) and its (harmful) sugary high-carbohydrate diet advice for several decades was “owned” by leading global diabetes-drug seller Novo Nordisk.

Think the University of Sydney’s dishonest cabal can’t be as corrupt as I’m stating? Try these documents:


It turns out that Jennie Brand-Miller (JBM), the most distinguished and influential diet-and-health “scientist” in Australia’s history, has published false and deliberately deceptive conflict-of-interest disclosures in more than 100 formal scientific documents and in over a dozen formal “peer reviewed” journals. Documents 1, 2 and 4 above show that JBM was especially good at dishonestly duping the Editors and readership of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Go Australia!

Outrageously, Jennie Brand-Miller became globally influential promoting sugary high-carbohydrate “low GI” diets – helping to fuel type 2 diabetes across Australia – while she was secretly enjoying a massive decades-long boost to her household income as her secret life/financial partner Dr John J. Miller – Novo Nordisk’s Medical Director Australasia – became Australia’s greatest-ever seller of ineffective taxpayer-subsidised drugs to victims of type 2 diabetes (caused by sugary high-carbohydrate diets).

When it comes to scientific and medical fraud and corruption that harm public health, there’s never been anything bigger in Australia.

Even superstar ABC health reporter Dr Norman Swan is in on the epic fraud, refusing to report it to the public lest adverse publicity (his distinguished “scientist” contemporaries dishonestly fuelling misery and early death!) disrupt his lucrative public-speaking business that relies on him staying sweet with misbehaving taxpayer-funded public-health clients including Diabetes Australia:

The evolution of this awesome unfolding scandal can be followed through the past decade and counting, by scrolling through the documents below, to #100 and beyond. Rory’s young sons in the opening scenes of the following ABC TV Lateline video have grown into adults as the authorities that are supposed to stop scientific and medical frauds wrecking public health have run for the hills and pretended there is no problem. ABC TV’s Lateline:

Who in authority in Canberra ultimately is going to do the job that taxpayers pay them to do: stop the influential and harmful misconduct and misinformation promoted by a corrupt cabal of (now) old, white, affluent and impressively dishonest distinguished sci-fraudsters attached to the University of Sydney’s palatial Charles Perkins Centre?

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